Specification Of Hydrochloric Acid
Uses of Hydrochloric Acid :

Hydro Chlorination , polymerization, alkylation and nitration reactions, activating oil wells, pickling acids and metal cleaning, food processing, making alkyl Chloride, Conc. Sugar refining, electroplating, engraving, etching, Plastics, rubber, textiles. Preparation of Gelatin, Dye intermediate, preparation of ppt silica etc. HCl is used in:-
HCl is used in:-
In Pickling of M.S. items. For manufacture of dyes intermediates.
For manufacture of gelatin. For Pharmaceutical preparations.
For manufacture of chlorides. For manufacture of Ppted Silica.
For manufacture of pesticides. For manufacture of Rubber chemicals.
% of HCl
Iron as Fe
Specific Gravity/ Temperature
Free Chlorine
30% (Minimum) & 34% Maximum
1.158 – 32°C for 33%
Exposure Limit
Odour Threshold
7 (Ceiling) Mg/m3
7 (Ceiling) Mg/m3
1-5 ppm
Boiling point
Fusion point
Specific Gravity
Vapour pressure
Physical state
Solubility in water
Water White
110°C (For 30 % Solution)
-20°C (For 30 % HCl Solution)
1155-1160 at 20 degrees
11 mmHg (Sol. at 30% HCl at 20°C )
Soluble in water in all proportions
>1 Sharp irritating Odour
Soluble in Ethyl Alcohol & Ethyl Ether
Chemical Identity
Formula: HCL
UN No. 1789
Hazchem Code
CAS No. 7647-01-0
Codes/Label - Corrosive, Class 8
Technical Data Sheet of HCL
Total acidity (as HCL). Percent by mass, Min 30-36%
Residue on Ignition percent by mass, Max 0.0005 (5PPM)
Sulphates (as H2SO4) Percent by mass, Max Nil
Iron (as Fe), Percent by mass, Max 0.001 (1 PPM)
Free chlorine and bromine (as Cl) percent by mass, max 0.0002(2 PPM)
Sulphites (as SO2). percent by mass, max 0.001 (1 PPM)
Heavy metal (as Pb). percent by mass, max 0.00
Arsenic (as As), percent by mass, max 0.00
Ammonium compounds (as NH4) percent by mass, max 0.00
Mercury (as Hg), ppm Max 0.00
Gravity 1150-1180
Colour Water White / Clear Transparent
Total Hydrocarbon (THC) NIL