PLASTIGOLD' A and B are two chemical plasticisers manufactured to the highest quality standards in a modern computer-controlled facility in Kurnool and Rajpura India. Each grade offers excellent plasticizing and flame-retardant properties at attractively low cost. Each is compatible with a wide range of other polymer types and so allows the partial to substantial replacement of so-called 'primary' plasticisers'. Plastigold products provide first-class water resistance and low volatility. They are non-toxic and chemically inert. 'PLASTIGOLD A ' has extremely high plasticity while' PLASTIGOLD B ' has extremely high cell strength.
Physical characteristics:  
Viscous with no odour or very low odour.
  S.G.@25°c Viscosity @25°c
Plastigold A 1.090 0.25 poise
Plastigold B 1.095 0.40 poise
Flash point-greater than 21o°c (closed cup).
Typical uses
For the plasticisation of polymers
To provide flame resistance
PVC flooring products
PVC cables and industrial belts
PVC extrusions
Softnening hides and leather
Advantage and benefits
Low cost alternative to so-called primary plasticisers (such as phosphate esters and phthalate)
Highly compatible with primary and secondary plasticisers
Very effective plasticisation of polymers
Excellent fire-retardant properties
Compatibility with a wide range of polymers
Low volatility
Chemically inert
Excellent resistance to water
Excellent low temperature performance
Safeguards during use
Always refer to the material safety data sheet for full information regarding hazards and safeguards. Personnel should be correctly trained in the use of plastigold products before use.
Plastigold products contain no hazardous ingredients according to european committee directive 93/ 112/ ec.
During use, the product may be slightly irritating to the eyes. Low acute toxicity under normal conditions of use. However, appropriate personal protection should always be used where prolonged or repeated exposure to high levels is anticipated.
Skin: Avoid contact with skin. Wear suitable chemical-resistant clothing and protective gloves where appropriate or when handling or using the product repeatedly or over prolonged periods.
Eyes: Avoid contact. Wear protective splash-proof goggles wherever necessary.
Inhalation: Proper ventilation control should always be in place to maintain safe working environments.
Always refer to the material safety data sheet prior to using the product and if any doubt about the appropriate procedures that must be in place during the handling and use of plastigold products.
Polychlor is available in the following packaging options: 210 litre ( 200 kgs) plastics (hmhdpe) drums 10,000-15,000 litres bulk tankers
The product should be stored in original containers. These should be tightly-closed and secure. They should be situated in cool, dry conditions in a well-ventilated area. Store away from all sources of heat (including direct sunlight). The ambient temperature should not exceed 40c. Storage containers should be constructed of lined mild steel or hmhdpe. Never store in contact with alkali and alkaline earth metatls iron. Aluminium and zinc. Avoid contact with strong oxidising agents.
Availability and Technical advice
‘PLASTIGOLD A ’ will give excellent results for soft application and higher transparency. Such as films / coir matresses / toys/ pipes/ shoes etc ‘PLASTIGOLD B’ will give excellent results for cell strength and stability. Such as cables and belts. Shiva group is based at various locations in india and manufactures high quality plasticisers and intermediates in a state-of-the-art, computer-managed factories. We manufacture products for domestic and export markets.
Other product available at shiva group are chlorinated paraffins with widest range of grades and pvc soft pipes.
Kindly refer to desired result specific data sheets. The range of plasticizers products are available from Shiva Group Pan India presence of dealers and sales offices. Kindly log on to
To locate a dealer / sales office near you.
All export related and other technical queries are attended on th below mentioned address.
Important information (Disclaimer)
Users should ensure that this is the most recent issue of the data sheet. If in doubt, contact the company and quote the reference number on the sheet. Shiva group products are manufactured to the highest standards and information contained within this data sheet is accurate to the best of its knowledge. No warranty or guarantee is given or implied since the conditions of use are unknown and beyond the company’s control. The user should seek the company’s advice where any doubts about suitability exist. The information contained herein is governed by the copany’s conditions of trade, a copy of which can be found on the company’s website. Further copies are freely available. Users are advised to familiarise themselves with the company’s conditions of trade.