1 Chlorinated Paraffins
Chlorinated Paraffin's (CP) are Processed from Chlorination of Paraffins of...
Indicative Specifications & Uses
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2 Hydrochloric Acid
Hydro Chlorination, polymerization, alkylation and nitration reactions, activating oil wells, pickling acids and metal cleaning, food processing, making alkyl Chloride, Conc.
Indicative Specifications & Uses
3 Pipes
Shiva Group PVC tubing is a non-reinforced multipurpose low pressure tube which is available in transparent, translucent and opaque colour according to given specifications.
Indicative Specifications & Uses
4 Plastigold
PLASTIGOLD' A and B are two chemical plasticisers manufactured to the highest quality standards in a modern computer-controlled facility in kurnool and rajpura india.
Indicative Specifications & Uses